Gearing Up

Getting a used R1200GS in NYC was a great opportunity to own an amazing bike at nearly half the cost. While it had all of the BMW options, Vario cases and some Touratech extras, there were some items I needed to get prior to our departure. Touratech seems to be the defacto place grab all kinds of goodies. For the Zumo 660, I grabbed their lockable mount which will give me some piece of mind – though the standard RAM mount that comes with the Zumo itself could easily be removed. I’ve fabricated a mod for that which should make it more difficult to steal.

[UPDATE] You can purchase a separate “security bolt” for RAM mounts directly from Touratech

Another favorite purchase is a Centech AP-1 fusebox. How sweet is that!? A separate fusebox for your bike – not something I needed on my 749s :)  The AP-1 allows me to wire accessories to the bike without having them run directly to the battery. Other goodies include a Bag Connections powered tank-bag, and some touratech hard-parts.

Since my Suomy one-piece isn’t going to cut it for a long trip in the heat, I bought the four-season Rev’it Cayenne Pro touring kit along with a Shoei modular helmet. We managed to get that helmet to work with our Cardo Q2’s standard adapter – whereas Nita’s BMW modular helmet only worked with the 3M attachment.

Other than that we’re good to go for this trip until we’re back in the country :)

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