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Featured Image: Trollstigen and Touratech Suspension

First Impressions: Touratech Suspension

In late July, our friends and sponsors at Touratech USA set up an opportunity for us to meet the crew at Touratech HQ in Niedereschach, Germany while getting a huge upgrade to our stock suspension on both our bikes. My bike, a BMW R1200GS was set for an Explore Front and an Expedition Rear while Nita’s […]

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Featured Image, Homepage - REV'IT!

25,000 km Review: REV’IT! Defender GTX & Ventura Suits

Lets Be Honest When we wrote our first review of REV’IT! gear a couple of years ago, we weren’t sponsored by them. Now we are. We think it’s important you know that before reading this review because it may change the way you think about our thoughts. We can assure you though that the good […]

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Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta to Flin Flon, Manitoba

Organized Chaos

The older we get, the more our lives require organization and simple solutions. The more we do, the less we seem to want to have to deal with. This isn’t as much about willingness as it is about time well spent. And how we spend our time during our travels is of great importance to […]

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Shorai Battery Install

Power Not Pounds

I’m always surprised by how heavy motorcycle batteries are. I almost always attempt the one-handed pick-up, expecting it to be an easy feat, followed by a grunt and a R-rated curse. Unnecessary weight is most often noticed before any long ride, when all of the focus is on packing as lightly as possible. When every […]

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Camp Breibish

Camp Breibish

The house has been empty now for just over a week. The sleeping bags and blow up mattresses on the floor where our bed used to be, have us feeling like a couple of big silly kids. Much like nights spent under that stellar fort you built in your parents living room when you were […]

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Featured Image, Homepage (Sponsors)

A Thank You to Our Sponsors

We are so very excited to welcome REV’IT! to our family of sponsors. They will be providing Issa and me with full gear support for our Transworld Adventure. We can’t even begin to say how appreciative we are to them for keeping us comfortable, warm and most importantly safe on our upcoming journey. Cheers to […]

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Portland to Cape Kiwanda, OR (Cayenne Pro)

25,000 km Review: REV’IT! Cayenne Pro

*UPDATE* Nita and I are always concerned with being open and honest about our reviews of products. We post these reviews with the hopes that they’re useful to other riders and welcome feedback.  Subsequent to our original posting of this review we’ve been sponsored by REV’IT! so we thought we’d take a moment to make […]

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Fallon to Ely, Nevada, Laminar LIP

Review: Laminar LIP for the F650GS

I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. I’m actually a bit embarrassed. I must have gone through a bunch of “Like, I’m just so happy to be here” moments. I remember thinking that the wind must be much stronger in the United States. How could I have not noticed […]

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Salt Lake City to Moab, Utah

Review: Schuberth to Shoei – A Welcome Change!

My old helmet was pure lust. It was beautiful. I fought for this helmet tooth and nail every time Issa had threatened to bowl it down the interstate. The BMW System 5 (by Schuberth) was it’s name and it truly was lust at first sight for me. It fit my head perfectly and was stunning […]

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Bozeman to Great Falls, MT (Stella Radiant Drystar)

5,000 km Review: Alpinestars Stella Radiant Drystar Glove

Finding the right fit and protection all wrapped up into one good mit can get expensive and frustrating. Leather vs. textile, short vs. long, tight fit vs. loose. The overall feel of the glove can vary from shop to bike and the saying “fits like a glove” can be misleading in some cases. I find […]

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