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Featured Image: Douz (Nine Hundred Days in Nine Minutes)

Nine Hundred Days in Nine Minutes

Well, we may be jumping the gun a little bit on this with regards to telling the story of all the places we’ve managed to travel through so far, but we felt it’s timely considering all that’s going on in the world. We put together a 9-minute slideshow for the 9 Minute Moto Film Festival back in May […]

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Featured Image: New York

Three Weeks of Inspiration in New York

Due to the cancellation of the original ship to Southampton, the bikes are still waiting at the dock in Dartmouth as we prepare for our early flight to New York City. We arrive at the airport at four in the morning and for the first time in my life I fall victim to airline over-selling. It’s […]

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Featured Image: Halifax

Finding a Piece of Home in Halifax

So we are, for the first time, in a foreign city without our bikes. Nestled somewhere in the belly of Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s massive MV Toronto, the kids are getting locked down and ready for a three and a half week journey of their own across the North Atlantic. Nita and I have a week to kill […]

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Stuck on the Ferry, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland (Hurricanes)

Two Boats, Two Hurricanes and a Quick Goodbye

The ferry isn’t going anywhere. The wind and rain have picked up their intensity and an occasional flash of lightning over the water reveals an ocean that’s raging. We make our way down from the berth and into the lounge that’s still fairly quiet. Our new friends Bob and Peter are nowhere to be seen, […]

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Featured Image: St. Anthony

A Road Twice Taken

The morning in St. Anthony starts quite nicely. The sun is shining, the breeze is cool and we have a wonderful light for the days trip back to Cow Head (or Cow ‘ead). However, by the time we haul our bags down the two flights of stairs and load the bikes, a mass of clouds […]

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Viking Village, L'Anse aux Meadows (Viking Trail)

On the Viking Trail

The MV Atlantic Vision is, by far, the largest ferry we’ve seen. Of course the 7 hour journey from North Sydney, NS to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland isn’t a walk in the park either. The trip takes us through the Cabot Straight, which can certainly churn up some large waves during a storm. However, […]

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Featured Image: Ingonish (Cabot Trail)

Following the Cabot Trail

You’d think that a campsite in the middle of town would be easy to spot, but Whidden Park in Antigonish is completely hidden from the street. After finding the driveway that leads through some cabins, a park opens up with plenty of room for camping. It’s actually unbelievable. There are about 154 campsites nestled discretely […]

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Featured Image: Prince Edward Island

You Find it in the Land, You Find it in the People

Sometimes it’s the scenery. It’s an unexpected view that arrives after a long corner and takes our breath away. It fills our visors, widens our eyes and leaves us feeling small in the presence of something truly grand and remarkable. Other times it’s people. They can be such a beacon of light and, at times, […]

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Featured Image: Leaving Montreal

Old Cities and the Smell of the Ocean

We return to Montréal on a red-eye and arrive at the hotel before eight in the morning. To our relief no-one’s in our room and they give us the key. The emotions of the previous days have us completely knackered and we spend the day in a daze of sleeping and watching the Olympics. The next […]

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Featured Image: Parliament

Three Cities and a Wedding

We’ve been doing a good job of not over-planning our stops. Generally we pull into a town and find a spot to camp or a motel to rest our heads at. It’s something we’re still getting comfortable with as we both tend to like having a destination – but this is all part of how […]

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