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Featured Image: Death Valley

But it’s a Dry Heat

Palm Springs was hot. Like the kind of hot that made 29C (89F) feel almost cool. Our plan for the day was Death Valley and a trip that wasn’t exceedingly far. I’d been excited to see the area since our early talks with Michael and Nuri in NYC during our May visit. I knew it […]

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Featured Image: Palm Springs


Palm Springs was supposed to be an overnight stay but honestly, from the warmth of the greeting that met us in the driveway, to the ridiculously amazing home and a backyard (the likes of which we’d only seen in magazines) we knew instantly we’d be there for at least a day or two. As architects […]

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Santa Barbara to Palm Springs, CA

Palms, Pines and Joshua Trees

At some point it all starts to blur – what was done and where. Leaving Monterey wasn’t difficult – we’d spent eight days there that had shaped our lives forever. But, the road was calling and on this part of our trip we’d have some company on the road. Over the days since the wedding […]

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Friends in Monterey, CA (Way Out West)

Way Out West

Arriving in Monterey – 16th – The hotel An ode to Helge Pedersen – a well known adventurer who’s held in high regard in the riding community and who’s book titled “Ten Years on Two Wheels” has been a bible in our upstairs loo since 2010 inspiring us everyday in our own little adventures. Needless […]

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Miramar to Monterey, CA

Back to Where it all Began

A day like the previous one can definitely shake you up. Losing confidence on the most technical parts of the ride in tough conditions – whether it’s difficult light, ridges or cracks mid-corner or a heavy fog – can really make you start the day with a gut-full of trepidation. I’d failed to hear what […]

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Jedediah Smith SP to Fort Bragg, CA (Avenue of the Giants)

Avenue of the Giants

I still can’t believe how well we’ve been sleeping. When we first started camping, it always took a day or so to settle in and get a really good night sleep. Trying to get used to the sounds and the thoughts that can creep into ones mind in the middle of the night beyond the […]

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Cape Kiwanda to Bullard Beach SP, OR

The Cold Northwest

Saying goodbye to Ahmed, Wendy and Rashad is never an easy prospect. Their warmth and generosity is, honestly, without equal – though they’d never admit it and would quickly point to at least 20 other people who do more for others. Still, I don’t believe them. Our time with them was wonderfully simple – sleep, […]

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Days Off in Portland, OR

The Heart of Portland

We had finally arrived after a longer than expected day on Thursday. A handful of minor detours extending our road time and made for an adventurous 6 plus hours on the bikes, that began just after 8:30am. By 5:00pm we were battling our way through highway 84 rush hour traffic. Everyone was jockeying for position […]

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Featured Image: Oregon

Heading West to Head South

Once again, the time to write escapes us some evenings. It’s day four of the ride down to Monterey California, and it brings with it a stop in Portland, Oregon for a visit with family and for a chance to give my knee a break. I turned thirty-nine this year and things on the ol’ […]

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Calgary, AB to Portland, OR (A New Time)

A New Time

It feels like 2011 has been a planning and decision-making year. Firstly, Nita and I are getting married so there’s been an enormous amount of work spent getting all of the details sorted so that the day can be spent enjoying our time together and with close friends and family. We also knew that our […]

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