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Featured Image: Alghero

A Cave, a Beach and Sleeping Bikes

True to the idea of taking some time away from computers (and technology in general), we’re just going to write about a couple of highlights – which turns out to be harder than you’d think. Nothing long, no story arc, just some of the things we enjoy about these places. We’ll let Nita’s pictures do […]

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Featured Image Sardegna, An Island Apart

Sardegna: An Island Apart

After a final goodbye dock-side to Rutiger and Naum, we take a minute to collect our thoughts before heading north through Cagliari toward our intended home for the evening – a campground just south of Oristano. Most of the riders in the region hold high praise for the roads on the east coast of this […]

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Palermo to San Vito lo Capo, Italy - the upside of sicily

Discovering the Upside of Sicily

It takes about ten corners in Palermo for me to use my horn the first time. During our time in Tunisia we’d forgotten (or blocked out) how terrible the drivers are in Sicily. At least in Tunisia the mayhem had some rhythm – though in some spots it did truly feel dangerous. Here, in Sicily, […]

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Kairouan to Sousse, Tunisia (GoPro)

Two Reunions and Three Goodbyes

It’s the first time in a long while that we’ve felt an end of sorts to our journey. There was so much reticence – so many nerves – wrapped in coming to North Africa it’s hard to believe that the first leg of this part of the world is coming to an end. Over the […]

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Featured Image: Ferry to Africa

A Ferry to Africa

The nerves start setting in about five hours before the ferry is set to depart from Palermo. For an extra €30 the hotel has let us stay in the room until 6pm which allows us some time to try and relax without having to contend with lugging bags around, storing them and hoping everything is […]

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Agrigento & Valle dei Templi, Italy (Ancient Temples)

Green Hills, Ancient Temples and the Mayhem of Sicilian Streets

Our destination for the next five nights is Antica Masseria Timparuci – a farm house just south of Modica. The trip should take only a few of hours but the traffic along our route is so heavy and the streets so narrow, that with an hour and a half under our belts we still have […]

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Amalfi Coast Ride, Italy (GoPro)

Four Days to Sicily

The next morning we say a long farewell to Magnolia House and our host Lucia, who’s parting gifts are a donation to our Lost for Good Project, a sprig from her palm Sunday service for Nita’s bike and a lovely bottle of wine! The sun is high in the sky and we all chat in the […]

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Amalfi & The Path of the Gods

The Ghosts of Vesuvius and Amalfi’s Winding Road

The self-inflicted pain of the morning eases as we ride towards Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi. A quick recovery is needed since the day starts with about twelve tight switchbacks as we descend from Sulmare to the main street in Gaeta. Each turn is pock-marked with holes that bumpers have left behind and a few of […]

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Rome to Gaeta, Italy

Hellions and the Cats of Gaeta

We’ve been told that the route south of Rome will begin to show a different kind of Italy from that in the North. It doesn’t take long to see the towns change as we head past Ostia Antica and join the coastal roads heading towards Gaeta. The condition of the asphalt is declining and the […]

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Rome, Colesseum & Termi di Caracalla, Italy

When in Rome…

We start our day in Orbetello with a small caffè and a moment saying goodbye to our furry friend who’s been calling the space behind Nita’s back and the chair home for the past few days. Rather than heading straight south along the coast, we decide to head inland along some nice looking roads towards […]

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