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Featured Image: Douz (Nine Hundred Days in Nine Minutes)

The Sahara and a Tent Under African Stars

The next day is a slow affair – the ride to Douz is short and we plan to take advantage of a late check-out. After a morning catching up on writing and editing images, we load the bikes excited to hit the road that leads into the Sahara. Our destination for the next few nights is […]

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Matmata & Troglodyte Home, Tunisia

Underground Homes, the Northern Desert and the Curse of Matmata

The road to Matmata begins as many of the roads have on our journey through Tunisia – straight but still beautifully interesting. Increasingly sparse towns are abuzz with activity as every local seems to stand roadside showing off their wares in hopes of a sale. Equally frequent are men in what look like lab-coats standing […]

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Sousse to Ellouza, Tunisia

The Ruins of El Jem, a Man and his Oasis in Ellouza

Our destination for the night is El Kahena, a hotel and campsite just outside of Ellouza, a small town about half-way between Sousse and Sfax. The route begins to feel more distant from anything we’ve ridden with long straight roads taking us along open stretches of landscape heavily dotted with brush, olive trees and cacti […]

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Featured Image: Hammamet

A Warm Sun, Quiet Beaches and New Friends

Our time in Hammamet is beautifully relaxing. Granted it’s not a representation of the Tunisia that exists to the south but it’s a great place for us to get ready for the coming days and our journey ahead. Our friend Koray from Nice has sent us a note letting us know that the French government […]

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Featured Image: Ferry to Africa

A Ferry to Africa

The nerves start setting in about five hours before the ferry is set to depart from Palermo. For an extra €30 the hotel has let us stay in the room until 6pm which allows us some time to try and relax without having to contend with lugging bags around, storing them and hoping everything is […]

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