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Rome, Colesseum & Termi di Caracalla, Italy

When in Rome…

We start our day in Orbetello with a small caffè and a moment saying goodbye to our furry friend who’s been calling the space behind Nita’s back and the chair home for the past few days. Rather than heading straight south along the coast, we decide to head inland along some nice looking roads towards […]

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Featured Image: Argentario

The Road Rarely Taken

It doesn’t take long for the skies to open up and the rain to start falling. Luckily for us the days ride is incredibly short – it’s less than an hour to Livorno – an unexpected stop from Vicopisano – but with a mix of rain and snow we’re happy to have a quick outing today. Originally, we’d […]

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Vicopisano & Pisa, Italy

Beautiful Roads, Leaning Towers and Life on an Olive Farm

It’s a beautiful morning to be back on the road. The sun is still low in the sky but its fire is draping the seaside roads in a rich red that make us feel lucky to be here. We’re quickly through Nice and riding along the cliffs reveals a beautiful view of Villefranche. We stop […]

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Villeneuve-Loubet & Nice, France

A Painted Lady, a Reunion and Our Last Days in France

Our time at home over the holidays is fantastic. Surprising the families somehow manages to go off without a hitch and along with looks of shock, there are plenty of tears and happiness. Contrary to our firm belief that the seven weeks at home would eventually start to drag, it actually flies by and before […]

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Valbonne to Nice, France

A Different Kind of South

The end of our first leg is almost here. We’ve been formulating a plan over the past few weeks to surprise our families in Calgary with a visit over the holidays. It also gives us a chance to wrap-up some paperwork and many of the other odds and sods that need to be managed while […]

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Villecroze & Salernes, France

A Road to Villecroze

We know the day’s going to be challenging. When the weather doesn’t cooperate it’s just another thing to factor into what is, by its nature, an unpredictable way to see the world. It’s a long day on the road to Villecroze – one of the longest so far in France – but it’s well within […]

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Fetaured Image: Millau

The Stare, the Lost Boys and the Bridge in the Sky

The crisp Loire Valley morning brings with it a morning light that’s very low in the sky. In fact it already feels like evening. We pack our bikes and say our farewells to Ken who’s been our wonderful paint-covered host at Les Frippières. As we’re about to leave, a mail truck pulls up and, with […]

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Finding Magic in the Loire Valley

The sky is far from blue. Instead it’s a beautiful combination of grays and wispy fog banks that stretch over the seemingly endless fields that flank our journey. With Le Mans behind us we’re now very much in the middle of the country and plan to stay here for this days riding. The roads we […]

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Le Mans, Day 5

Roman Walls and Sheets of Asphalt

Arriving in the rain with torrents of water running off of our suits has become our signature move. Our arrival at Relais des Caillères in Saint-Pavace not only converts Pierres kitchen into a muddy swimming-pool, it also heralds the end of the rain. Nita and I look at one another with a look that says […]

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Chichester to Rye, United Kingdom

Castles, Dungeons and an Underwater Train

There are a few new things for us to get used to on the bikes. For instance, driving on the left side of the road, totally new signage and roundabouts. Yes, the dreaded roundabout has been in our heads since we arrived in the UK. In Canada, especially in the west, the roundabout is a […]

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