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Benicàssim to Villajoyosa, Spain. Through Heat and Broken Heart.

Through Heat and Broken Heart

The staff at Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet are excellent and the manager, Joaquin Farnos, is wonderfully friendly. We’re not sure if a security camera picked up the F650’s headstand in the parking lot, but shortly after we settle in the phone rings and on the other end is a calming voice. It’s reception calling to let […]

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Featured Image: Trollstigen and Touratech Suspension

First Impressions: Touratech Suspension

In late July, our friends and sponsors at Touratech USA set up an opportunity for us to meet the crew at Touratech HQ in Niedereschach, Germany while getting a huge upgrade to our stock suspension on both our bikes. My bike, a BMW R1200GS was set for an Explore Front and an Expedition Rear while Nita’s […]

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Featured Image: Alghero

A Cave, a Beach and Sleeping Bikes

True to the idea of taking some time away from computers (and technology in general), we’re just going to write about a couple of highlights – which turns out to be harder than you’d think. Nothing long, no story arc, just some of the things we enjoy about these places. We’ll let Nita’s pictures do […]

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Featured Image Sardegna, An Island Apart

Sardegna: An Island Apart

After a final goodbye dock-side to Rutiger and Naum, we take a minute to collect our thoughts before heading north through Cagliari toward our intended home for the evening – a campground just south of Oristano. Most of the riders in the region hold high praise for the roads on the east coast of this […]

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Palermo to San Vito lo Capo, Italy - the upside of sicily

Discovering the Upside of Sicily

It takes about ten corners in Palermo for me to use my horn the first time. During our time in Tunisia we’d forgotten (or blocked out) how terrible the drivers are in Sicily. At least in Tunisia the mayhem had some rhythm – though in some spots it did truly feel dangerous. Here, in Sicily, […]

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Kairouan to Sousse, Tunisia (GoPro)

Two Reunions and Three Goodbyes

It’s the first time in a long while that we’ve felt an end of sorts to our journey. There was so much reticence – so many nerves – wrapped in coming to North Africa it’s hard to believe that the first leg of this part of the world is coming to an end. Over the […]

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Featured Image, Homepage - REV'IT!

25,000 km Review: REV’IT! Defender GTX & Ventura Suits

Lets Be Honest When we wrote our first review of REV’IT! gear a couple of years ago, we weren’t sponsored by them. Now we are. We think it’s important you know that before reading this review because it may change the way you think about our thoughts. We can assure you though that the good […]

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Gafsa to Sbeitla & Kairouan, Tunisia (Sufetula)

Sufetula and the Long Road to Kairouan

With a long day on the road ahead of us, Nita and I want to get an early start and it’s not hard to get out of bed. All night my dreams have been invaded by a plague of six and eight legged critters running across various body body parts and, when I awake, I […]

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Featured Image Douz

Desert Sandstorms, the City of Grit and a Road to Algeria

It’s our last camp in the northern Sahara and during the night, the wind really picks up leaving any of the sounds we normally hear silenced by it’s steady roar. When we wake, everything is covered in sand. Even the inside of the tent has a fine layer of sand covering everything – including us! […]

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Featured Image: Douz (Nine Hundred Days in Nine Minutes)

The Sahara and a Tent Under African Stars

The next day is a slow affair – the ride to Douz is short and we plan to take advantage of a late check-out. After a morning catching up on writing and editing images, we load the bikes excited to hit the road that leads into the Sahara. Our destination for the next few nights is […]

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