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Getting the used R1200GS Ready

Gearing Up

Getting a used R1200GS in NYC was a great opportunity to own an amazing bike at nearly half the cost. While it had all of the BMW options, Vario cases and some Touratech extras, there were some items I needed to get prior to our departure. Touratech seems to be the defacto place grab all […]

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Little Switzerland to Fontana Village, NC (Across America)

Two Wheels Across America

As the clock winds down we’re getting closer and closer to our trip. We’re leaving for NYC and Rising Wolf Garage on July 14 where we’ll be taking a few days to get the bike (and ourselves) ready. I’ll be sharing some of the work with Michael Wernick – coffee, the occasional beer, good laughs […]

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Footer Map, Our Journey (Follow Us)

Follow Us on Our Journey!

After 2.5 years, 70000+ km, 41 countries and 5 continents (plus 2 hurricanes, countless feral dog chases, 1 detainment and 100’s of wonderful people) we’re back in Canada to prepare for the next major leg which starts in 2018. For now, here’s a look at the route and we’ll be back to live-updates when we […]

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