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Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta to Flin Flon, Manitoba

Organized Chaos

The older we get, the more our lives require organization and simple solutions. The more we do, the less we seem to want to have to deal with. This isn’t as much about willingness as it is about time well spent. And how we spend our time during our travels is of great importance to […]

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Shorai Battery Install

Power Not Pounds

I’m always surprised by how heavy motorcycle batteries are. I almost always attempt the one-handed pick-up, expecting it to be an easy feat, followed by a grunt and a R-rated curse. Unnecessary weight is most often noticed before any long ride, when all of the focus is on packing as lightly as possible. When every […]

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Camp Breibish

Camp Breibish

The house has been empty now for just over a week. The sleeping bags and blow up mattresses on the floor where our bed used to be, have us feeling like a couple of big silly kids. Much like nights spent under that stellar fort you built in your parents living room when you were […]

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Customize and Personalize

New additions to my F650GS Twin have been quite extensive since she came home, everything from a new windshield to a hefty engine guard. All a newbie world tourer needs to keep herself and her ride safe. So when I first mounted […]

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Tool kit

Building Your Perfect Tool Kit

I’ve always wanted to be the type of person, that in any given situation would have the ability to break down my ride and put her right back together again on the spot without cause for concern. I’ve been riding now for quite a few years and I hate to say, I’m still completely oblivious […]

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Nitas New Bike!

Lost for Good

With big dreams comes bigger responsibility. Most importantly the responsibility to ones self, I believe, to try to see those dreams through. They wait patiently in your mind like the thought of an old friend who you just remembered forgetting to call. Like a whisper, enticing you now and again to step inside its bubble, […]

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Getting the used R1200GS Ready

Gearing Up

Getting a used R1200GS in NYC was a great opportunity to own an amazing bike at nearly half the cost. While it had all of the BMW options, Vario cases and some Touratech extras, there were some items I needed to get prior to our departure. Touratech seems to be the defacto place grab all […]

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