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Calgary, AB to Portland, OR (Reckoning and Revelling)

Reckoning and Revelling

How do you begin to let go when your rational mind tells you to hold on good and tight, to the familiar, the comfortable and the normalcy of your life. Urging you to cling to the things that feel real and safe in your everyday. This can be challenging for a nomadic soul that has […]

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Box Paper Scissors, Kensington

The First Wave Goodbye

Kensington is a quaint little area of Calgary, close to where we currently live and is one of the first places I came back to after arriving from NYC in 2006. Only one week had passed since my three day drive back from the East Coast with a puppy and a rental SUV, filled from […]

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Paris, Days 3-6

To Face Unafraid

The snow is falling once again here in Western Canada, blanketing all who dwell below and revealing a vast gentle hush amongst the masses. When the occasional sound of laughter leaving our neighbour’s front door makes us think of family and close friends, no matter how far they may be. We are reminded of how […]

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Days Off in Palm Springs, CA (Out with the New)

Out with the New, in with the Useful

We are now nine months away from our world adventure and lately I’ve been thinking, “I sure hope all of this new doesn’t get old” as so much of what we obtain in life tends to inevitably do, all too quickly. This, after all, seems to be a part of the human condition. Presently, new […]

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Nuri's Pics from Our Time on the Road (Letting go)

Look Where You Want to Go

Another End. We are in our second week back from our near two-month Western US ride and we know one thing to be true: we love being on the road and are always a bit surprised at the end of a long journey that the desire to remain moving forward is so apparent. The previous […]

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Customize and Personalize

New additions to my F650GS Twin have been quite extensive since she came home, everything from a new windshield to a hefty engine guard. All a newbie world tourer needs to keep herself and her ride safe. So when I first mounted […]

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Tool kit

Building Your Perfect Tool Kit

I’ve always wanted to be the type of person, that in any given situation would have the ability to break down my ride and put her right back together again on the spot without cause for concern. I’ve been riding now for quite a few years and I hate to say, I’m still completely oblivious […]

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Moo Cards

Small Bites

There and gone in a flash is how I describe a photo op when travelling on two wheels. Where there is rarely time for a second glance. Leaving an impression more like a snap shot in your mind rather than long lasting panoramic. But I kind of love the idea of this – setting your […]

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Nitas New Bike!

Lost for Good

With big dreams comes bigger responsibility. Most importantly the responsibility to ones self, I believe, to try to see those dreams through. They wait patiently in your mind like the thought of an old friend who you just remembered forgetting to call. Like a whisper, enticing you now and again to step inside its bubble, […]

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