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Santiago de Compostela to Navia, Spain (GoPro)

The Warmth of Navia to the Chill of Pélonie

We awake to a bright sun and perfectly warm day. The heat which had followed us through much of this leg is long gone and we welcome it’s absence. After we pack the bikes and say our goodbyes to Santiago de Compostela we emerge from the hotels underground parking, savouring that moment of blindness as […]

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Chapel of Bones to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Pilgrims and the Chapel of Bones

Even at this early hour the sun is sitting high enough in the sky to seemingly burn our shadows onto the ground. The heat is searing and dissolving our breakfast in buckets of sweat as we wave our final goodbyes to Carlos and Gabriela before making our way back to the twisting roads that will […]

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Featured Image - Tangier, Morocco to Sevilla, Spain

From Morocco’s Sun to Serpa’s Heat

There’s nothing about the ferry from Tangier to Tarifa that seems complicated. Exiting Morocco is, by far, the easiest border we’ve dealt with. There’s the usual lines and, when the gate opens, a crush of people swarming towards the booths. Rather than waiting on the bikes, I simply walk up to the immigration booth and […]

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Fès to Meknes, Morocco

A Souq, a Riad and the Road North

Almost overnight, something changes for us in Morocco. Perhaps it’s the energy that envelops Meknes, perhaps it’s the massive injection of B12 back into our diets. Maybe, it’s just me letting go of trying to push through things and easing myself back into the headspace of allowing things to unfold as they may and taking […]

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Chefchaouen to Fès, Morocco (GoPro)

Facing Reality in Fès and the Road to Meknes

The days of wishing for things like good weather are a distant memory. Leaving the wonderful town of Chefchaouen all we’re hoping for is a day without drama; a day of clear riding along Moroccos roads. A day of being pulled completely into the landscape and the people that make this country so wonderful. We […]

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Rif Mountain Pass to Chefchaouen, Morocco

Endless Kindness and the City of the Sky

The view of the Rif Mountains from high on this stoney perch is stunning. It’s Bilay’s favourite spot and it’s easy to see why; two crashes (one each) and a few hours stranded on the side of a mountain pass while Nita’s heart runs wildly out of control all seem to slip away here. Even […]

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Featured Image - Beni Ansar to Al Hoceima, Morocco

From the Edge of Narrow Moroccan Roads

For all of the activity at the border it doesn’t take long for us to feel like we’ve left it all behind. After passing through a few busy streets we leave the caterpillar of traffic and take a right turn up a tight switchback and find ourselves quickly climbing into the hills to the southwest […]

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Featured Image - Almeria, Spain to Beni Ansar, Morocco

A World Between Countries and Spies Like… Us?

The events of the previous day don’t simply fade into a shrug. In all honesty, continuing the journey to Morocco seems incredibly foolhardy. Yet something in both of us is pushing to work through our fears and fulfill this part of a lifelong dream. It’s an inner dialogue that doesn’t stop – even when I […]

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Benicàssim to Villajoyosa, Spain. Through Heat and Broken Heart.

Through Heat and Broken Heart

The staff at Hotel Termas Marinas El Palasiet are excellent and the manager, Joaquin Farnos, is wonderfully friendly. We’re not sure if a security camera picked up the F650’s headstand in the parking lot, but shortly after we settle in the phone rings and on the other end is a calming voice. It’s reception calling to let […]

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Featured Image: Alghero

A Cave, a Beach and Sleeping Bikes

True to the idea of taking some time away from computers (and technology in general), we’re just going to write about a couple of highlights – which turns out to be harder than you’d think. Nothing long, no story arc, just some of the things we enjoy about these places. We’ll let Nita’s pictures do […]

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