Road Stories

Cape Girardeau to Independence, MO (Kansas City)

Lonely is Lovely

After the straight shot of day 6, and sharing much of the road with massive trucks all vying for position we were thoroughly  looking forward to what Highway 50 would bring. Hopefully it would be lacking our monstrous friends (the truckers often wave at us we jet past them). Day 7 would be our only […]

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Birmingham, AB to Cape Girardeau, MO (The South)

Leaving the South

It was another blistering-hot day with temperatures reaching 106 degrees. The heatwave somehow simultaneously refuses to allow anything to dry yet robs everything of water. It’s unbelievable. We both wear hydration packs that we fill with ice water and after 7 litres of water we were both still showing signs of dehydration. Another reality were […]

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Fontana Village, NC to Birmingham, AB (Deals Gap)

Bourbon, Country & The Waffle House

This mornings breakfast was bittersweet. We got up to say goodbye to our loveliest of friends Michael & Nuri and we were heading out for the rest of the trip on our own. After days of eating tasty southern fare, we opted for something lighter – in my case the nerves were killing my appetite. […]

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Natural Bridge, VA to Little Switzerland, NC (Blue Ridge Parkway)

Aren’t y’all hot in all that get-up?

Today we rode through clouds. In an ideal world that’s all I’d have to say for you to understand how amazing that was :) “Today we rode through clouds.” High above on the Blue Ridge Mountains we felt the temperature drop. And drop. Until finally we were forced to pull over and don our rain […]

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Big Meadows Lodge to Natural Bridge, VA (The way to Little Switzerland)

What a Difference a Day Makes!

It’s early on day 4 and I’m sitting in the lobby of the Little Switzerland Inn just off of mile marker 331 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nita worked late last night on pictures and I’ll try and get some uploaded before we leave today – needless to say there are some great pics. Right […]

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NYC to Big Meadows Lodge, VA (Skyline Drive)

A Day of Mondays

Hi all – I’m actually writing this at the end of day two as there was no internet access at the lodge… The beginning of the day was filled with all of the usual anxiety associated with a trip like this – compounded by the fact we were trying new gear and riding a new […]

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Getting the Bike Ready (Rising Wolf)

T-minus 1 Day

We arrived in NYC on Wednesday night and almost immediately set to work on installing the various bits & bobs that I’d sent down previously. Working until about 3am, we managed to get the bike ready for an early morning delivery to Gold Coast BMW for a front brake-line recall and to pick up the […]

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Little Switzerland to Fontana Village, NC (Across America)

Two Wheels Across America

As the clock winds down we’re getting closer and closer to our trip. We’re leaving for NYC and Rising Wolf Garage on July 14 where we’ll be taking a few days to get the bike (and ourselves) ready. I’ll be sharing some of the work with Michael Wernick – coffee, the occasional beer, good laughs […]

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