T-minus 1 Day

July 17, 2010

Words by // Photography by Nita Breibish

We arrived in NYC on Wednesday night and almost immediately set to work on installing the various bits & bobs that I’d sent down previously. Working until about 3am, we managed to get the bike ready for an early morning delivery to Gold Coast BMW for a front brake-line recall and to pick up the clearance letter for the border.

While we waited for the repair, it was a trip down to the NYS DMV to get a temporary in-transit permit so I could legally ride the bike home (except in Massachusetts where they refuse to recognize them – sorry Boston!). Three hours and two calls to the insurance company later I had the permit in-hand. Deregulated registries are a dream compared to these places – though it was pretty cool to go through the experience. Once. Ever :)

Since the DMV took longer than expected, we hoped to pick up the bike and ride it back to Rising Wolf the same day. We met up with some amazing people – Ernie and Karen – and they fed us some cheese pie which was sooooo awesome. Ernie mentioned he was 68 and I sincerely thought I’d misheard him. This guy was amazing! He talked about his exploits on the track racing motorcycles, and giving young coppers a hard time. He’s a great example of a life well lived.

After, we picked up the bike and headed back into Manhattan to finish up installing the last of the parts. The bike was done.

Friday was spent motoring around the city finishing up last minute chores and getting the GPS & routes finalized. Then it was off to Jon and Rory’s for an amazing dinner in Brooklyn with Drew and Wendy. The night was perfect – BBQ and wine on their newly-finished rooftop patio while fireworks went off in prospect park. We couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Tomorrow we’ll be heading out around 8am for the first day of riding on the trip home, we’ll let you know how it goes when we get there :)

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  1. Comment by Jan Thain

    Jan Thain July 19, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Hey you two :)
    Glad to see everything is falling into place nicely for the trip home. It looks as though it hasn’t taken long to meet some amazing folks and more to come! Have a great ride today…stay cool!!! We have all heard about the “heat wave” from one end of the states to the next….chat with you tomorrow…Love you both and happy treking!!

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