September 29, 2011

Words by // Photography by Nita Breibish

Palm Springs was supposed to be an overnight stay but honestly, from the warmth of the greeting that met us in the driveway, to the ridiculously amazing home and a backyard (the likes of which we’d only seen in magazines) we knew instantly we’d be there for at least a day or two.

As architects and designers, Sarah and Javier created Escape-South – a firm they built together and who’s team work and design-sense is undeniably top notch. Happily, they gave us the inside and outside tour of a place that is steeped in pop-culture history. From the creation of Thunderbird Country Club by Bing Crosby and his pals, to the swinging nights with Sinatra, Sammy, Dean and the rest of the crew in the local hotels and nightclubs. The cultural importance came to life for us all and we felt transported back in time everywhere we went.

Day one was spent chasing each other around the Thunderbird grounds in golf carts while we had the opportunity to gaze at houses that were owned by some of the most iconic stars of the past seventy years. With so many clients based in the area, Sarah and Javier were incredibly knowledgeable about the design, influence and importance of the region in the same way a curator knows their gallery. But beyond the know-how, it was really just about the fun. We laughed almost constantly, and in the moments we weren’t, the time was spent reflecting in the pool, watching the sun rise over the desert and the Salton Sea, killing the occasional Black Widow, pouring fine Rums, sipping lovely wines, and eating lovely foods.

Friends really are the best, and we’ve been so fortunate in those who’ve been around for years and those we’ve only known for days. Thank you so much for the time guys!

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