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Featured Image: Thunder Bay to Rossport, Ontario (North Shore)

Superior’s North Shore

“In reality, everything that divides us is a human invention.” The high wave from Robin as we weave our way toward Thunder Bay stays with us for quite some time. Something about it reminds me of our friend Michael in New York and I spend the next while thinking about how lucky we are to […]

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Featured Image: Flin Flon

Flin Flon to the Laurentian Plateau

I’ll be honest, it feels awkward everytime we’re asked where we were last. “Flin Flon.” It just blurts out rather than actually being said. I’m acutely aware that people unfamiliar with Bobby Clarke’s hometown may think I’m having fun at their expense with an inside joke. That’s probably why I find myself tense when saying […]

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Featured Image: Dinosaur Provincial Park

Summer Heat and Prairie-boy Dragonflies

There’s something about the first day. Perhaps it’s the inevitable poor sleep the night before, perhaps it’s the nerves. In “Long Way Round” Charlie Boorman drops his bike twice before leaving London. When we rode out of NYC in 2010 our friend cuddled up with a deer on Skyline Drive (everyone was fine). On our […]

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Great Falls, Montana to Waterton, Alberta (HWY 89)

Heading Home

Frost had covered the bikes overnight and we’d moved them into the sun to warm up. The R1200GS wasn’t fond of cold mornings and would complain a couple of times before actually starting, so I was surprised when she started right up without fuss. The plan was to head towards Waterton National Park which lay […]

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Boulder, Colorado to Casper, Wyoming (Racing North)

Racing North

It gets harder to write the closer you are to home. Part of me feels like it’s denial – that if we just hold off a little longer on the writing the trip won’t actually be over. Another part of me feels like the mood changes when you know you’re heading home. Everything begins to […]

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Vail to Boulder, Colorado (Woodys Wheel Works)

Woodys Wheel Works. And Denver.

When we walked back to the hotel that night the temperature had dropped and the rain was falling. We wondered what we’d wake up to, but as it turned out any snow that had fallen had long gone and the streets were wet with a new sheen from the night’s rain. The morning was definitely […]

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Ely, Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah (Heart-shaped Path)

Heart-shaped Path

Taking an extra day off in Ely was the right thing to do. The weather was still just ahead of us and to continue riding into it didn’t make much sense especially with the Colorado rockies entering the picture in a couple of days time. Ely was an interesting town. We walked around town and noticed […]

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Out of the Fire, into the Freezer

Since we’d had a good dinner at Jerry’s the night before we decided to grab breakfast there before heading out. Before grabbing a bite to eat, we packed up the bikes and noticed the morning was quite cold. So, instead of rushing we decided to take our time in the hopes that it would warm […]

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Featured Image: Tahoe to Fallon (Loneliest Road)

Short Ride, Long Stay

Tahoe had turned out to be a great experience. We practically had the Ritz to ourselves. Michael and Nuri had left the previous day and everything felt too quiet. Still, Nita had time to grab a massage and I could start trying to catch up with all the writing that needed to be done for […]

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Featured Image: Mono Lake

Just When You Think it Can’t Get Any Better…

I loved the cabins at Mono Lake. The night was spent planning our route through Yosemite with Michael and I pouring over maps and a laptop that had to be tethered to my phone to get any kind of internet connection. I’ve definitely moved toward traditional maps on this trip with our version of “the […]

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