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Douz & the Sahara, Tunisia

Adventure Rider Radio!

In February of this year we were honoured to appear for our first radio interview over at Adventure Rider Radio and, thanks to the talents of Jim and Elizabeth, we sound halfway knowledgeable! From the site: As so often happens in life, we get caught up in what society expects us to do. Get a good education, […]

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Halifax: Time Off! (Canada)

Thank You Canada. Hello, Europe!

It’s hard to believe that Canada has faded from view. Time is moving quickly and once again we’re reunited with our bikes. After nearly four weeks at sea and time spent with dear friends new and old, we’re moving once again. When we sit for too long, inertia works to keep us still and it’s […]

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Featured Image: Dinosaur Provincial Park

It’s More Interesting When it’s Painted

Finally. Finally we’re on the road. For the past months we’ve been almost certain that our friends must have felt as though they were caught in an endless loop of saying goodbye, only to see us “…one more time.” But now we’re on the road and, with the love of our friends and families warming […]

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Jupiters Travellers!

Companions to a Great Idea

Towards the end of November, Nita and I applied to the Ted Simon Foundation with the hopes of working with them to publish a book at the close of our travels. We’d been planning to submit an application from the first announcement of the foundation as we felt our beliefs and raison d’être were so aligned. […]

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Valbonne, Antibes & Cannes, France (Heads in the Clouds)

Heads in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

The year is coming to a close and the next is bringing massive and exciting changes along with it. Nita and I have always been fans of change – we somehow seem built for it. We enjoy seeing our life in seasons where each part is clearly defined by people, places and passages. The beauty of a […]

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Calgary, AB to Portland, OR (A New Time)

A New Time

It feels like 2011 has been a planning and decision-making year. Firstly, Nita and I are getting married so there’s been an enormous amount of work spent getting all of the details sorted so that the day can be spent enjoying our time together and with close friends and family. We also knew that our […]

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Featured Image: Chain Lakes Road, 2011

Starting at the End of the Road

With an estimated 64% of total roads in the US being paved and just under 40% in Canada it comes to pass that many of the worlds most beautiful spots are not accessible with the comfort afforded by a smooth asphalt surface. So, for us, it’s making more and more sense to spend time where the pavement ends […]

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Nitas New Bike! (Transamerica adventure)

As One Journey Ends, Another Begins

It’s hard to believe that our Transamerican adventure has ended. It seems like we’d been planning the trip for weeks prior to our departure, with countless nights spent imagining what the trip may entail. The road travelled delivered us twists and turns both literally and figuratively. The story of our trip unfolded in ways we […]

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Home is Where the Heart is.

Wherever You Are, Is Right Where You Belong

I always knew from childhood that I must have been blessed with the soul of a gypsy. Handed down to me surely by my father. First recognized as a child listening to him as he shared his dreams of one day riding a Honda Goldwing around the Americas, with my mother in tow. I can […]

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