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Salt Lake City to Moab, Utah

Review: Schuberth to Shoei – A Welcome Change!

My old helmet was pure lust. It was beautiful. I fought for this helmet tooth and nail every time Issa had threatened to bowl it down the interstate. The BMW System 5 (by Schuberth) was it’s name and it truly was lust at first sight for me. It fit my head perfectly and was stunning […]

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Bozeman to Great Falls, MT (Stella Radiant Drystar)

5,000 km Review: Alpinestars Stella Radiant Drystar Glove

Finding the right fit and protection all wrapped up into one good mit can get expensive and frustrating. Leather vs. textile, short vs. long, tight fit vs. loose. The overall feel of the glove can vary from shop to bike and the saying “fits like a glove” can be misleading in some cases. I find […]

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Douz to Tozeur, Tunisia (Airhawk 2)

9,000 km Review: Airhawk 2

*UPDATE* Issa and I are always concerned with being open and honest about our reviews of products. We post these reviews with the hopes that they’re useful to other riders and welcome feedback.  Subsequent to our original posting of this review we’ve been sponsored by AIRHAWK so we thought we’d take a moment to make that […]

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Nuri's Pics from Our Time on the Road (Letting go)

Look Where You Want to Go

Another End. We are in our second week back from our near two-month Western US ride and we know one thing to be true: we love being on the road and are always a bit surprised at the end of a long journey that the desire to remain moving forward is so apparent. The previous […]

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Friends in Monterey, CA (Way Out West)

Way Out West

Arriving in Monterey – 16th – The hotel An ode to Helge Pedersen – a well known adventurer who’s held in high regard in the riding community and who’s book titled “Ten Years on Two Wheels” has been a bible in our upstairs loo since 2010 inspiring us everyday in our own little adventures. Needless […]

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Jedediah Smith SP to Fort Bragg, CA (Avenue of the Giants)

Avenue of the Giants

I still can’t believe how well we’ve been sleeping. When we first started camping, it always took a day or so to settle in and get a really good night sleep. Trying to get used to the sounds and the thoughts that can creep into ones mind in the middle of the night beyond the […]

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Days Off in Portland, OR

The Heart of Portland

We had finally arrived after a longer than expected day on Thursday. A handful of minor detours extending our road time and made for an adventurous 6 plus hours on the bikes, that began just after 8:30am. By 5:00pm we were battling our way through highway 84 rush hour traffic. Everyone was jockeying for position […]

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Customize and Personalize

New additions to my F650GS Twin have been quite extensive since she came home, everything from a new windshield to a hefty engine guard. All a newbie world tourer needs to keep herself and her ride safe. So when I first mounted […]

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Vancouver, BC

Two Days, Too Short

I was still half asleep when the sound of the first siren went hastily by in the streets below our hotel on Burrard Street. The voice of an lively city is so familiar to me and I knew instantly I was going to love it here. It seemed to possess some of the elements and […]

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Tool kit

Building Your Perfect Tool Kit

I’ve always wanted to be the type of person, that in any given situation would have the ability to break down my ride and put her right back together again on the spot without cause for concern. I’ve been riding now for quite a few years and I hate to say, I’m still completely oblivious […]

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