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Moo Cards

Small Bites

There and gone in a flash is how I describe a photo op when travelling on two wheels. Where there is rarely time for a second glance. Leaving an impression more like a snap shot in your mind rather than long lasting panoramic. But I kind of love the idea of this – setting your […]

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Nitas New Bike!

Lost for Good

With big dreams comes bigger responsibility. Most importantly the responsibility to ones self, I believe, to try to see those dreams through. They wait patiently in your mind like the thought of an old friend who you just remembered forgetting to call. Like a whisper, enticing you now and again to step inside its bubble, […]

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Home is Where the Heart is.

Wherever You Are, Is Right Where You Belong

I always knew from childhood that I must have been blessed with the soul of a gypsy. Handed down to me surely by my father. First recognized as a child listening to him as he shared his dreams of one day riding a Honda Goldwing around the Americas, with my mother in tow. I can […]

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